Long Business Description:

Launched in February 2021 as public beta WAM reached more than 2.5M players in less than 2 months and currently has over 5M players.

WAM.app publishes simple-to-play, easy-to-learn, skill-based games generally called hyper-casual games. These games have easy to learn mechanics and do not require any type of previous knowledge from the player nor does it require vast amounts of time invested in mastering them.
The $WAM token has 4 main features:
● Play-to-earn: This feature allows users to earn by simply playing games or participating in tournaments; Begin earning based on how competitive you are
● Own-to-earn: WAM.app allows players to own games as NFTs. WAM.app NFTs allow owners to generate recurring revenue in WAM as a percentage of the total entry fee paid by tournament participants. NFTs can be sold by developers or the platform to another user at a higher price.
● Develop-to-earn:. Developers can also build and sell their games as NFTs or earn from tournaments held on their game. Developers can decide how much of their NFTs they want to sell, and how many people they choose to sell to;
● Promote-to-earn: players can leverage their marketing skills to grow a following by hosting and promoting WAM tournaments. Players that tournaments receive a URL link from their marketer account and drive traffic to that URL Players earn a certain commission when their URL link generates any value transfer.

Our mission is to ignite mass crypto adoption by building a simple to use crypto-gaming platform where users can pay with their credit-cards to get $WAM and to participate in tournaments to earn more $WAM.

The future belongs to decentralised autonomous organisations. In our case, the WAM token will also become the governance token. Every WAM token owner will be able to vote for W.I.P ( WAM Improvement Proposal ) platform development proposals. Every WAM token owner will own a small part of the DAO protocol.

WAM.app was nominated as a finalist at this year’s Mobile Games Awards in an impressive line up of companies like Niantic and Huawei.