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Hello. I’d like to introduce you to my startup PrimerAI. We cerated PrimerAi which is AI Plug-in dedicated to retailers.

Which allows customers to match cosmetics products with their skin via questionnaire or photo analysis. We are providing 24 products suggestion panel. Based on this we are able to target 100% direct clients for cosmetics retailers and we are creating new stream of revenue for retailers based on relation between retailers and suppliers.

We managed to create a simple prototype showing the outline of PrimerAi’s operation. This allowed us to achieve strong validation from biggest players on Polish market.
We have received positive feedback and requests to implement the project as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Karol Bedyński
CEO & Founder
PrimerAI – Reinvented cosmetics shopping experience

Based in:

Warsaw, Poland


b2b, artificial intelligence, cosmetics, beautytech


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