Business Description:

Developer on an artificial intelligence-based compliance investigator platform designed to automate the financial crime compliance processes. The company’s platform utilizes intelligent machine learning technology to facilitate compliance checks, automating customer screening, anti-money-laundering efforts and fraud checks, enabling companies to improve the efficiency of compliance program

Long Business Description:

OMNIO incorporates a financial organization’s compliance procedures into our proprietary system without needing the user to write a single line of code. Based on those procedures, we evaluate your clients and transactions, allowing our intuitive solution to write a regulatory worthy assessment, based on the financial institution’s data. The approach we take is very similar to the one that compliance inspectors would, providing the same level of in-depth analysis and thorough investigation, while making the process much faster and easier for the compliance team.

OMNIO offers a reliable and robust approach to investigating financial crime and detecting suspicious activity. It helps lessen the effects of human error, while also reducing the manual work needed for your Compliance team to complete their tasks by more than 70%. OMNIO also provides polished reports that can be presented to regulators at the click of a button, allowing you to respond to any regulator requests quickly and effortlessly.

ОMNIO uses a proprietary system, based on a decision tree, that mimics the way that a real Compliance officer would approach an investigation. Using a no-code approach, it allows the financial organization to input their procedures and checks into our system, which then generates automatic alerts, investigations, and reports based on those inputs. A compliance officer is then able to review those reports and the OMNIO recommendations that come with them and determine the best course of action. Furthermore, using Artificial Intelligence we are able to make sure that the system ‘learns’, based on the actions of its users and its recommendations are constantly improved.

We are different from other competing products in that we provide a holistic solution to your company’s compliance needs, rather than just creating alerts when suspicious activity occurs. OMNIO can house all compliance processes within the institution and provide thorough alerts and investigations based on them. By following a “Working as a Human” approach, we essentially do the same things that a compliance officer would, but much quicker and with far less human error. This way, we allow your actual compliance officers to work faster and better, and we even keep them happier by doing all of the manual work for them.


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