Moonable is a financial institution created with the objective of providing access to users to ex-pats and businesses with multiple financial instruments using Crypto, IBAN accounts, GBP and USD Accounts to pay employees and vendors by using Batch Payments with access to a debit card account that will give worldwide access to their money to pay travel expenses, online vendors, among others.

Moonable is removing financial barriers between countries, societies and businesses by establishing a fully integrated bank solution designed for entrepreneurs, investors and ex-pats.

Our agile technology can easily transform based on the ever-changing needs of both the provider and the community, following even the strictest procedures in AML, KYC, and technical certifications like SOC 2, ISO 27001, among others.

Moonable offers three separate business models, each developed to serve a distinct yet related segment in this field.

Financial Services (FIAT) Model – Created with ex-pats in mind.

This secure space provides users with easy access to financial services with a full bank account accessible from any country in Europe.

Cryptocurrency Model – Perfect for crypto investors.

Moonable’s versatile crypto solution provides users with a secure crypto account with easy access to assets to manage and move crypto, and make single batch payments to any internal or external contact.

SaaS Licensing Model – Ideal for financial entrepreneurs.

This fully-integrated Bank-as-a-Service solution utilizes an intuitive application to provide a secure, robust, and transparent banking solution for global customers.

The Problem:

Three main challenges emerge in the financial ecosystem as technology and globalization take on a more dominating role in modern society.

Most financial service providers have requirements that keep the expatriate community from being part of the financial ecosystem.

The traditional banking system makes global transactions needlessly complex due to currency conversion, lengthy wait times, and interoperability between certain countries.

Cryptocurrencies have gained public and regulatory acceptance, yet financial institutions have been resistant to embracing this new financial model.

The Solution

A platform like Moonable establishes a combined legal, software, and operational framework that empowers both public and private institutions to offer financial instruments that serve everyone in their community.