Mingle Sport

Long Business Description:

Unlike Elite clubs, grassroots ball games are the least captured sports in the world. As amateurs we are all used to track our run or capture social moments with friends. But amateur team sports are underserved.

We want to unlock the potential of mobile cameras and the sports social network. To capture what happens on the pitch. To amplify the magic of the game. To elevate player performance.

Who is Mingle Sport?
Mingle Sport is a sportstech startup that is changing the game for grassroots ballsports. We leverage mobile technology, computervision AI and social networks to amplify the experience and improve player and team performance.

Why does Mingle Sport exists?
We want more people to enjoy ball games more

What do we do?
We develop the mingle.sport app for iPhone and Android. The app allows players, trainers, clubs and fans to get the most out of matches, training and communication.

More concretely with the app you can..
– Capture / follow matches live or afterwards with a magic highlight wherever you are
– Track your performance and Improve your skills
– Communicate better with your team, your trainer or your club

Who are our customers / target users?
– players, fans, trainers and clubs.
– grassroots level, all ages

Facts about Mingle Sport as a company
Mingle Sport is founded in 2021. Currently our team consists of 26 people. Designers, developers, data scientists and motion & video producers. We are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We have a very international team that shares a passion for great products, sophisticated technology and of course ball sports. Our company is well funded and backed by strong partnerships with companies like Microsoft, NVidea and Amazon.

Where can I download the App?
The app is currently available to a limited number of teams. If you want to be an early user you can register on Mingle.Sport.