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Founded in 2021, Karla is reimagining and simpliyfung the frustrating post-purchase experience with its customer communciation platform for merchants. According to a recent Accenture study, 90% of shoppers like to track their delivery status and want deliveries to be easily integrated into their busy lifestyles. Karla intends to address this need and will include an intuitive overview of tracking and visibility across all carriers and online shops.

At the same time, the overall number of packages delivered worldwide is expected to grow at 15% annually and climb to 200 billion parcels by 2025. This parcel volume corresponds to a global e-commerce value of approx €4.5 trillion predicted for 2025. This rapid growth of parcel volumes demands intelligent and efficient parcel delivery solutions that Karla intends to develop and provide to consumers.​​

Later this year Karla will launch a unique engagement solution that will allow merchants, carriers and consumers to communicate across the end-to-end post-purchase experience. Consumers will enjoy an intuitive interface, giving them an overview of all deliveries, providing a means to manage them with ease and to make individual delivery adjustments. The experience will go beyond the delivery and unboxing moment all the way through returns, refunds, claims, questions and potential repurchases in the future to elevate today’s shopping experiences.

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