JLh Group Apparel LTD

JLh Group Apparel LTD (U.K.) is an international apparel company, which was registered in London, United Kingdom . currently manage and supply two types of market channel, one is owner of JLh Apparel brand, supply to wholesaler , distributor, private sole agent, apparel e-commercial websites or international e-commercial marketplace , deal with B2B, B2C international clients ‘ order. Another is to build a JLh Apparel franchise chain shop network worldwide, such as in large Shopping malls, commercial streets, and popular main city centers.

JLh clothing brand was created in 2018, now, it is managed by JLh Group Apparel LTD. the purpose for set up JLh brand is to represent, JLh clothing unique style , explain own understanding of fashion , beauty , charming , and make person wearing suitable clothing,now will focus on the following market :
Europe Countries : Germany , France , Spain , Italy , U.K , Portugal , Ukraine , Poland , Romania , Russia , Austria , Greece.
JLh Group Apparel LTD will have Its own unique management system , it will innovate , create , new concept , database , high tech to follow, lead the new fashion trend , such as , for design apparel , will use 3-D technology .
Welcome investors , business partners , fashion designers , material suppliers , and people who are interested in JLh brand and would like to cooperate or join our team internationally . Our goal is to make a well-known fashion apparel company .
Wishing you all the best.