International Career School

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International Career School

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The International Career School offers 234 courses in the fields of beauty, digital marketing, business, design, media, and IT-development. Each course is the distillation of practical knowledge from more than 600 reputable practitioners, each of whom has worked to create our programmes. Training takes place in two formats: online, as webinar meetings with homework, and in classrooms located in your city.

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The International Career School offers online courses for adults and beginners. Online education brings amazing benefits to get professional skills from vocational training. Start your journey now and explore the world of Beauty, Interior Design, Photography and Videography, Copywriting, Social Media and Digital Marketing. All online courses for adults are created by experts. Gain practical skills by completing online learning courses at the International Career School and start your own freelance business. Study online from home, during weekends or evenings. If you want to get a new career or improve your professional skills visit the ICS website and join online learning classes for adults.