The problem: 10,129 km2 of the Amazon is disappearing per year (equivalent to 1.5M football fields per year!), and 465M users of debit cards in Europe aren’t aware that each daily purchase, has a direct environmental impact. We have developed eco2wallet to make visible the invisible, and allocate a CO2 (carbon dioxide) information to each taxi, coffee, etc., and compensate this damage with new trees.

The solution: Eco2wallet is a green digital wallet that aggregates debit and credit transactions into a single card, whilst providing visibility of the environmental impact of each purchase and planting trees and seagrass in the Amazon. We created a green wallet that is powered by a debit card with Digital ID, connected to an app with individual carbon emissions analytics, a carbon-trading scheme for individuals, and, the ECO2 cryptocurrency, the 1st crypto backed by people’s carbon emissions.

We are winners of the High Impact StartUp award by SIEMENS and WebSummit 2021, Finalist of Mastercard Dubai world expo future of Fintech 2022, mentored by Rise Barclays, and CoOp Bank, we created a consortium with Finance Innovation (The French gov fintech arm), InnSomnia (Spanish fintech accelerator), and InterGiro (Swedish Banking as a Service), and we got funded by the highly competitive program EIT (European Institute of directors), and recognised by FinCircle as Finalist of future of fintech 2022.
To finalise, we won a highly competitive mentorship session by Fintech Talents with Natwest, CapitalOne, and Barclays at The Brewery (the fintech centre in London).

We have presented at the Impact Investment conference by ERASMUS+ I2SustainIT at London School of Economics 2021, and at the Smart Cities conference in Barcelona 2021.
One of our greatest achievements is an internal one, as we created procurement processes where our suppliers must have 60% female labor, and our Founder (Yodaly Sierra-Rubio) is winner of The Times and We Are the city Rising Star Award.

All of the above in less than 12 months!

eco2wallet is a female-led green fintech run by a board of 5 professionals in the fields of finance, sustainability, tech and partnerships, together we have more than 35 years of experience making us the F5FF! or Fantastic Five of Female Fintech!.

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